Training with Taiko Charleston

Taiko Charleston offers a range of instruction for beginners to performing members. As with martial arts training, classes are marked by discipline, intensity, respect for tradition and commitment to excellence. Those qualities serve as our foundation from which to experience the unique power and exhilaration that drumming in a Taiko ensemble offers.

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Not sure where you belong? Signing up for a recreational class or workshop is a great way to see what Taiko is all about!

Classes are held in West Ashley at the St. Andrews Gym 1095 Playground Road.

Performing Track

The Performing Track is open to qualified individuals seeking a rigorous training program that prepares them for performance. These classes start at a beginning level and are designed to bring participants to a high level of proficiency in the art form. No previous Taiko experience is necessary but a workshop/audition is held to determine basic aptitude for the art form.

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Recreational Track

The Recreational Track is designed for individuals attracted to the physical, cultural, and musical aspects that exemplify Taiko drumming but do not demand the level of commitment and physical fitness required with other classes with Taiko Charleston. 8 week sessions as well as half day workshops are offered on a seasonal basis.

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